How are you?


I could be wrong, but I suspect you may be like most of the UK population right now and consuming a LARGER amount of calories than usual.


Feeling bloated, sluggish and extra ‘fluffy’.


So I thought I’d share some quick and simple tips to help you get your waistline, confidence, energy and mental health on the right track.


Let’s jump straight in.


1. Don’t stress or beat yourself up about what’s happened.


The past is the past – you can’t change it.


It’s crazy to ruin today by being pi$$ed off about what did or didn’t happen yesterday.


Dwelling on things only makes us miserable so a good idea to ‘draw a line under it’, move on and focus on the present.


2. Remember you’re still in control


It may not feel like you are right now.


Sure, certain things have been restricted.


However there’s still LOADS we can control.


– What you eat/drink

– When you go to bed/get up

– What your wear

– What mood you’re in

– How productive you are

– Whether you workout

– Whether you plan your meals

– When you do your food shop

– Whether you make yourself a priority


That old saying, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we choose to deal with it is 100% true.


Let’s stop wishing our way our life and try live it the best we can : )


3. Plan


Keeping yourself on track physically and mentally won’t happen by chance.


Plan your workouts, your meals (even a day before), plan when and how long homeschooling will happen and most importantly if you don’t workout…


When you’ll have some YOU time.


If you’re crazy busy right now, I imagine you feel kinda like a human pressure cooker.


We can only do so much.


Even if it’s 5 mins, for your happiness and sanity – PLAN that ‘you time’ on a daily basis.


If things are written down, they’re MUCH more likely to happen.


Fall off plan? – Read no.1.


4. Get on that water.


Aim for at least 2 litres daily but if you’re nowhere near that just try to consume a little more each day till you get there.


Being hydrated helps curbs cravings, gives you more energy, flushes out toxins and helps you simply look and feel better.


5. Calorie maintainance for the win.


Having a weightloss goal right now is entirely up to you.


But what I would suggest is trying to stay in ‘maintainance’.


Which means eating the same amount of calories as you burn.


No weightloss but also no weight gain.


Maintenance in itself is a HUGE achievement and alot less stressful than weightloss at this already challenging time.


Using MyFitnessPal (free app to download) is a really easy way to ensure this but if you’re not feeling like tracking you calories at the moment (could be wrong but suspect you’re not) then just use abit of common sense.


Don’t eat and drink like a twat.


Aiming to consume alcohol one night a week or at least only at the w/e will help with this.


With regards to food:


3 meals and 2 snacks would be a good guideline for many.


You can also use your hand for an idea of portion size:



6. Pump in the protein & veg.


The reason many people are overeating right now is primarily stress, anxiety and boredom however this can also happen because we’re not full and therefore experience more cravings.


Protein helps to keep us FULLER for longer and amazing the difference you’ll notice when your protein levels are on point.


Doing a quick Google search of high protein snacks, meals, etc can be really useful.


Adding veg to the mix means you’ll also increase your fibre and be able to enjoy a bigger plate with LESS calories.


7. Get your butt moving.


Burning calories doesn’t just happen when we workout.


EVERYTHING you do throughout the day counts.


This is known as your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis).


And this is where 10,000 steps come in.


Even if you don’t get a workout in – get moving.


And this isn’t just about burning calories.#


Soaking up some sunrays for even 5mins can make a HUGE difference to our mindset and mental health.



8. Quick home workouts is where it’s at.


If you’re not quite sure what to do.


If you don’t have any equipment.


Then check out my Team LDPT Facebook group.


You can test drive it and see what it’s all about for a full week for FREE.


If you’re NHS, this service will remain free.


If not, it will only cost £5 pw (70p a day) which is crazy value for money as I’m sure you’ll see.


There’s zero risk and no payment details are required.


And it’s not just about workouts.


It was created to help women feel less stressed and give them somewhere positive to ‘go’.


Here’s a little of what you can expect:


💜 LIVE Sunday support
🔥 LIVE workouts
😋 Tasty recipes
👍 Top tips
😂 Somewhere to always have a laugh
💯 Postive vibes
👭 An amazing community of women who all lift each other up


If you’d like an invite for that free test drive, just get in touch.


Lee ‘here to help’ Donald x



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