I hope you had a great w/e.


If we’re connected on social media you’ll have seen it was Team LDPT’s annual Summer BBQ on Saturday.


From some seriously fun slip & slide action, human pyramids, balloon, cereal box and hang tough games, alongside bringing ‘Sally’ to the party and even a Birthday in the house – Oooft it was an epic event!


Our social events are always in a league of their own and such a great way for everyone to relax, kick back and get to know each other better.




Whilst enjoying a ‘healthy’ amount of Prosecco & Chambord to wash down all the tasty food.


It’s safe to say, not a single calorie was counted that day….or the next day.


You KNOW after a day/evening of partying, it’s not the apples or bananas you’re reaching for.


Cue more cinnamon rolls, donut bites, pizza, sweeties, chocolate and anything else I fancied.


Aaand THIS is why I can count on one hand the number of times I party hard in a year! lol.


Yup, I fell off the wagon 2 days in a row (I was highly active these 2 days but hey, you can’t out train a bad diet).


Fast forward to today and it’s safe to say, I’m ehhh.


Feeling a little ‘FLUFFIER’ around the edges and my abs have taken a wee holiday.




If you’re in the same boat as me and got a little ‘food & alcohol happy’ at the weekend.


You now have 2 choices:


1. Feel guilty and beat yourself up about it.


2. Pick up your fluffy pants, get back on track today and move forward.


Choose No.1 and you’re doing it wrong!


Don’t stress over the things you can’t change – it WASTES precious time and happiness.


The world doesn’t end when you fall off the wagon, but what IS important, is getting back on it at the first opportunity.


Which doesn’t mean starving yourself!


✅ It means perhaps tracking your calories, aiming for 3 meals+2snacks, watching your portion control and not eating like a dick.


✅ Getting your hydration & activity levels back on point or simply working on thinking more positively.


✅ Keep it simple – simple works.


If you need a little help pulling up your ‘fluffy pants’.


If you’d like to get rid of those wobbly bits, tone up and feel happier in yourself without having to stop drinking alcohol, enjoying BBQ’s or joining a gym.


If you’d like to be part of an AMAZING community of women who like to have fun while they workout and enjoy fabulous social events.


Check out my exclusive, women only fitness classes in Aberdeen.


4 classes currently available.

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Check out my award winning online coaching hub The MAX Experience.


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This is particularly popular with Mum’s who need something to work around their busy schedules, especially in the holidays.


If you’ve got any questions about anything, just get in touch – am always here to help.


Lee ‘back on track’ Donald x



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