The judges have made their final decision and I am pleased to announce Lee Donald Personal Training has won in the 2016 Business Excellence Awards!


You have been named: Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year 2016′


If we’re connected on social media you might have already seen this last week…


But HOW cool is that?!


Needless to say I’m over the MOON but you know what I work my butt off!


And good things ALWAYS come to those who work hard, put in the effort and don’t give up.


Is it all easy sailing? – Pfffft NO!


I have GOOD days:


When everything goes well, I SMASH my ‘to do’ list, my eating’s on point, I bust out a WICKED workout and end the day on a HIGH.


And I have BAD days:


When everything and ANYTHING goes wrong, tasks take FOREVER, concentration and energy levels dip, frustration rises, I fall off the wagon nutritionally and end the day thinking thank F*CK tomorrow’s a new day.


We ALL do!!


But one thing remains the SAME.


Whether it’s a good or a bad day,


EVERY single day I’m willing to do WHATEVER it takes to be the best I can possibly be both personally and in business.


And that’s EXACTLY what I want to help YOU to do and why you should keep reading.




*You want to DROP a dress size.


*You want to look good NAKED (who doesn’t?).


*You want to feel MORE confident.


*You want to have more FREE time.


*You want to FIT comfortably into your clothes.


*You want to feel fitter, healthier, HAPPIER.


It comes down to ONE important question.


Given that we live in such a fast paced world where a THOUSAND legitimate excuses are at our fingertips that BIG question is…


HOW much do you really want it??!


That my friend is the REAL key to success.


NO magic pill, NO potion, NO fancy solution – that is literally it.


If you REALLY want something, it’s amazing what you’ll do to get it.


1. Camp outside in the cold and rain at CRAZY o’ clock because you love a bargain in the NEXT sale and want new clothes.


2. Spend a RIDICULOUS amount of money on a concert ticket because there’s no others available and you want to go.


3. Wear HIGHLY uncomfortable shoes for an entire evening because hey, you want to look good.


4. Pull a sicky because you’re hangover and DON’T want to go into work.


5. You get my drift.


So here we are – Week 2 of ‘Feel Good Feb’…


How’s it working out for you?
Feeling good?


If you’re NOT feeling good or more importantly not your BEST.


HOW much do you want things to change?
WHAT are you willing to do to make that happen?


If you can genuinely answer those last 2 questions with ‘more than anything’ and ‘whatever it takes’ you’ve just found your recipe for SUCCESS!


Speaking of recipes…


I have a an AWESOME recipe for pancakes I wanted to share with you.


But not just ANY pancakes.


Pancakes you can eat GUILT FREE knowing they’re not going expand your waistline.


And guess what?


It’s pancake day tomorrow folks so a GREAT excuse to get in that kitchen and whip up yourself a batch of pancakes.


It would be rude not to! : )



Lee ‘fitness entrepreneur of the year’ Donald x



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