After being in & out the office for about 10 days:


🎉 Celebrating at the Prestige Awards in Edinburgh, winning ‘Female Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year 2022/23’.


❤️ Enjoying some much needed holiday time in Nairn – loves me a caravan.


🏃‍♀️ Running my first 12km in quite some time due to surgery & injury.


🤪 Swimming, slime making, hitting the beach, parks, discos, doing thousands of steps chasing after little people, lol.


It’s been a fab and action packed time but it also feels good to be back and into a routine.


With no more awards or holidays booked this side of the year, it’s time to FOCUS.


Because in less than 10 weeks, 2023 is gonna land – how crazy is that?


And I don’t know about you, but I have a few things I want to change and improve before we hit the New Year!


✅ Perhaps you’re fed up of ‘feeling fat’, bloated and tired.


✅ Perhaps you’d rather feel lighter, stronger and fitter so you not only look good but FEEL good.


✅ Perhaps you’re fed up of feeling anxious, depressed and consumed with negative self talk.


✅ Perhaps you want to improve your mood and mental health especially in the dark, Wintery months so you can actually enjoy the festive season ahead.


Whatever your goals are, it all starts with you and an effort to take small steps each day to create that change.


Because nobody is coming to do it for you.


Your health, happiness and success is 100% your responsibility.


An uncomfortable but true statement.


But here’s the GOOD news.


You don’t have to do it alone.


If you need support, guidance, motivation and accountability, I’m right here for you!


I know everyone is always busy.


I know everyone is always trying to save pennies (especially now!).


I know this is the most common time of year for weight gain.


But I also know almost EVERY woman reading this wants and deserves to feel sexy, confident, healthy and most of all, happy in their own skin.


Which is exactly why I created my award winning online platform, exclusively for women – The MAX Experience.


So that everything you need to know to lose weight, get in shape and feel great is at your fingertips.


So you can spend less time getting better results (all workouts 10-25mins) as well as save you leaving the house in the cold, dark mornings/evenings to hit the gym.


So you don’t need to stress about where to start or what you should/shouldn’t be doing.


So you can learn how make small changes that = BIG results.


So you can ditch the ditch and make amazing progress, still socialising, still eating the foods you like and STILL enjoying life.


Most importantly, so you can create healthier habits to help you get lasting, lifelong results.


The cost?


Less than a coffee a day!!


Yup, crazy I know.


Super affordable and insane value for money – check it out.


There may only 10 weeks till 2023 but ALOT can happen in that time…if you start now.



If you’re already a MAX Experience member then get excited.


We’ve got our annual Team LDPT Crimbo Night coming up soon along with other exciting challenges, raffles, prizes and fun this festive season : )


Lee ‘buzzing to back in the office’ Donald x



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