Happy Monday and welcome to Week 2 of my Free ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge.


If you want a super SIMPLE way of gaining a sexier stomach, less wobbly bits, having more energy, motivation and just feeling HAPPIER this month.


Oh and without stepping foot in a gym!

Check it out


Hopefully by now you’re getting down to your awesome free flab fighting workout.


(if not, it’s never too late!)


Aaaand hopefully you’re also getting to grips with Goal No.1.


*** Track Your Calories ***


With that underway (and continuing) – let’s move forward.


Goal No.2 of The ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge.


** Drink at least 2 litres of water a day **


If you already do this – Congratulations!


Your energy levels will be higher, concentration better, skin clearer and your body’s ability to BURN FAT more efficient.


If you don’t already do this or don’t do it CONSISTENTLY especially at the w/e then have a little look at this tip.



It’s really not difficult and it doesn’t take much time but if you take on board these tips and put my challenge into action I promise…


It’ll make a really BIG difference.

Lee ‘helping you nail the basics’ Donald x



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