If you need a little motivational NUDGE to make sure you’re keeping on track and smashing your goals this week – here it is.


This week’s goal from my free ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge is to drink at least 2 litres of water a daily.


How are you getting on?


Are you hitting that H2O?


If you missed WHY it’s so important to drink those 2 litres and my super SIMPLE tip to help you do it:


Click here:


Aaaaand if you’re thinking…


‘Lee – what are you going on about, what challenge?’


Click here


​If you haven’t drunk much or ANY water today – grab that water bottle and get sipping!




Don’t forget about your super quick workout, to help you firm those wobbly bits and feel EXTRA fabulous this Feb!


Click on that link you scrolled past and let’s get it on : )


Lee ‘water police’ Donald x



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