Last week, I explained exactly why you need protein for fatloss, where to get it from and how much you need.


If you missed it, tap here.


I also mentioned there would be 2 more blogs from me, however with less than 3 weeks till I leave for Everest and LOTS to do…


This will be my FINAL one until I return in June.


WHAT – it takes that long Lee?!


Yup, it’s a 2month expedition to allow for plenty of acclimatisation.


Summiting a mountain, the same height as which Jumbo Jets cruise, takes time.


Once I fly from Aberdeen – London – Doha and arrive in Katmandu, I’ll have a couple days to decompress and meet my Everest Team before boarding a very small flight to Lukla (2845m/9334ft).



Lukla’s the highest and most dangerous airport in the world due to the short runway into/off a cliff and strong winds.


Once I survive that, I’ll begin a 10day trek through the Khumbu Valley to Lobuche Base Camp.


This is all part of the acclimatisation process.


I’ll then spend the next few days taking gear up to Lobuche ‘high camp’ and descending to base camp before making a push for the summit (6119m/20,080ft).


The climbing on Lobuche is very similar to Everest and also allows for more acclimatisation whilst saving a rotation through the Khumbu Icefall.


The Khumbu Icefall is the most treacherous part of Everest.


With bottomless crevasses to cross and ice blocks the size of big buildings ready to fall at any minute, it’ll take as much physical strength as it will mental strength to make it through the icefall.


Did I mention I have a fear of heights?



This was my 1st time trying to practice and prepare at home.


With Lobuche under my belt, there’s around a 9hour trek to Everest Base Camp.


where I’ll spend the next 40days acclimatising further.


Making my way through the Khumbu icefall to camps 1, 2 and 3 before the final summit push from camp 4.


And hopefully become the 1st female from Aberdeen / 7th female from Scotland to stand on top of the mighty Mount Everest (8848m/29,030ft)


I’ll be documenting everything as much as I can but to be honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to share ‘real time’.


** I’m aware there some signal up the Khumbu Valley but need to get a sim card.


** There’s wifi at EBC but expensive and unreliable.


** I’ll be mentally and physically exhausted and perhaps struggling with altitude sickness.


However, I’ll have my Garmin Inreach which means not only can you track my whole expedition LIVE and be the first to know whether I successfully conquer the highest mountain in the world.


I’ll also be able to send messages via the iridium satellites that don’t need wifi.


Therefore, my partner will be taking over my social media and keeping you updated as much as possible!!


If you’d like to hear updates, make sure to connect with me on Instagram, my business Facebook page and friend Facebook page.


I post mostly on my stories (tap my profile pic) so worth checking those out too.

I plan to go LIVE on Facebook next Tuesday 19th March in the evening (time tbc) with an Everest Q&A along with explaining more about how it all works and sharing my tracking link.


I’ll confirm exact details on my social media soon but if you have any questions, please keep posted, join me live and fire away.


Last but not least, if I could possibly ask you one thing before I go.


I’m really hoping to raise as much as I can for Friend’s of Anchor.


I’ve spent the last year pushing myself to the absolute max and beyond what I ever thought was possible.


This has all been a mere ‘warm up’ for what I’m about to endure.


If you’re able to help me, please tap the link below to show your support


Lee’s Just Giving Page

However, big or small – all donations are very much appreciated.


Lee ‘preparing to take on the biggest challenge of her life’ Donald x


PIC: Yesterday when I turned 42



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