I hope you had a great weekend.


The start of a new day and week always means new opportunities to make progress to look & feel our best.


However, lots of people get STUCK in a viscous circle and struggle to move forward because they’re just not doing it right.


If that’s you, it’s not your fault.


Nutrition is the key area in helping you achieve your goals and something so many people struggle with.


It doesn’t help when so called ‘experts’, company’s selling weightloss products and other cowboys label foods as ‘good’, ‘bad’ and even a ‘sin’!


But don’t worry, my goal is to help you beat through industry BS like this and keep things simple.



There are no such things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food.


And there’s certainly no food that’s a sin or free!


(don’t let any weightloss warriors convince you otherwise).


Some foods simply have more nutritional value than others.


Some have more/less calories than others.


– that’s it.


Feeling guilty ALL day because you ate a chocolate bar which is ‘bad’ or consuming too many ‘sins’ is insane, unnecessary and promotes a highly unhealthy relationship with food.


This negative mindset will also likely cause you to spiral, consume even more ‘bad’ foods and feel even worse.


Food should NEVER be given that amount of power to make you feel so guilty.


If you decide one night you want to relax a little.


To enjoy a glass of vino and perhaps eat an ice cream


Please understand these are not ‘bad’ and they do not carry ‘sins’.


They’re just calorie dense, offer little nutritional value and need to be consumed in moderation.


If you struggle with nutrition, have no idea what you’re doing and need a hand in the right direction…


Use my FREE Calorie Calculator if you haven’t already.


Knowing how many calories to aim for is an essential start.


Whether you choose to track for knowledge, to enable you to make better choices, manage your calories more effectively and thus ensure better results.




Simply choose to use your common sense focussing on portion control, snack frequency, prioritising protein, veg and fruit and limiting alcohol/junk food.


Having the right kind of coaching and support to help you achieve your goals plays a MAJOR role in whether you succeed.


Or whether you repeatedly start over.


If you’re a yo-yo dieter and fed up of not getting the results you want.


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Lee ‘helping you build healthier habits’ Donald x



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