Having fallen off the radar for most of Setpember, you may be surprised to see a blog from me today!!


However if you read my last one, you’ll know I’ve been in Ecuador climbing some crazy, high altitude volcanoes in preparation for Everest next year.


Oh…my…LORDY – it was nuts!!


From visiting the ‘middle of the earth’ straddling both the northern/southern hemisphere – super cool and weird at the same time.



Staying in majorly run down refuges with outside toilets, bunk beds, no heating, minimal and cooking facilities trying to acclimatise.



Getting caught in a highly dangerous snowstorm at 5500m in the pitch black around 3am where my guide fell down a crevasse and I genuinely wasn’t sure if I’d make it off the volcano.



Enjoying a rest day zipling over a massive gorge, visiting the biggest waterfall in Banos and trying the local delicacy – guinea pig!! (I just couldn’t).



To summiting x1 4000m and x2 5000m peaks before finally pushing through every mental/physical pain barrier I ever thought existed and officially joining the elite few who are part of the ‘Less Then 20% Club’ by summiting Chimborazo (6310m/20,565ft).


And busting out an extreme, high altitude plank….because I could, lol.


After proudly flying the Scotland flag with pride!!



It’s been a seriously action packed September.


However, October has now landed and I’m right there with you.


Trying to start the month on a positive note.


Get into a routine.


Juggle running a busy business, mumlife, Everest stuff, raising money for Friend’s of Anchor, prepping for the festive season plus a million other things.


It can get pretty stressful.




Life is always 10% of what happen to us and 90% how we CHOOSE to deal with it.


So here’s what I’m putting into place to ensure I make October a successful month which will 100% help you too.


✅ Time to plan like a boss.

✅ Keep setting daily goals.

✅ Make lists.

✅ Give 100% effort and back my chat.

✅ Increase caffeine levels : )

✅ Make my mental health & energy a priority.

✅ Fill my head with positive thoughts being aware of my vocabulary.

✅ Focus on solutions, not problems.

✅ Let go of negative situations and people I can’t change or control.

✅ Don’t let the past or stress of what the future may hold prevent me from enjoying and embracing the present.

✅ Walk away from bullsh*t and drama.

✅ Surround myself with those who support me and lift me up.

✅ And remember, every day I get to choose whether it’s a good one or bad one.




Conquer your mind and you can conquer anything.


No matter what life throws at you.


When you choose to take action, think more positively and follow what I’ve mentioned above, the world becomes a much HAPPIER place to live (especially between your ears).


If you need some extra support, motivation and guidance this month to achieve your goals and feel better in yourself.


Especially before all the hustle & bustle of the festive season kicks off.


Just get in touch – I’d love to help.

Lee ‘new member of the less than 20% club’ Donald x



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