Wow – is it Monday already??


If you saw my social media at the weekend, you’ll have seen the Team & I dressed up as Missy Elliot, busting out some funky, very boozy moves, lol and having a great time at our September social event.


This was actually our Easter 2020 event but then Covid came along so here we are after over a year of being patient.


Not gonna lie, I got too excited, drank waaay too much and lost my ‘sensible chip’.


Yup, I’m human and get it wrong sometimes!!


Cue hangover from hell.


If you’re reading this and you drink alcohol….I know you know what I mean.


That ‘ugh I’m never drinking again’ feeling – yup it was rough.


But as I always say,


You are what you do most of the time – not some of the time.


Having a total blow out now and again no matter how big, isn’t going to prevent you from achieving your goals and the world isn’t going to end.


It’s what you choose to do after that counts.


Keep hitting that f*ck it switch, feel sorry for yourself and make no changes.


Or actively make better choices to help you get back on track and move forward.


As hard as it was, I chose to kick off today with a workout because that’s what I had planned – wasn’t my best workout but felt so much better after.



Now that I can eat again (I told you it was rough yesterday), I’m choosing my food wisely.


And most importantly, I don’t plan on wasting precious time in the present stressing about something that already happened in the past and cant be changed.


If you’re reading this and struggling to achieve your goals right now.


If you need some extra motivation and support to help you make better choices so you can feel better in yourself.


To lose weight so you have more confidence and look good in all your clothes.


To get fitter & stronger so you can do every day things like climb stairs, carry shopping and chase after your kids without breathing out your butt or having to stop.


To improve your health so you live longer and have less complications as you get older.


To boost your mental health and mood so you enjoy life more, are a nicer person to be around and think more positively.


To increase your energy so you’re more pro-active and help you achieve your other goals with more ease.


To be part of a super friendly community of women so you don’t have to do it all alone.


I’d love to help.


Check out my exclusive women only fitness classes in Aberdeen.


If you don’t live in Aberdeen.


Check out my award winning, online coaching hub MAX Experience.


You’ll be happy to know, I’m considerably better at helping women achieve their goals than I am at partying!! : )


Lee ‘never drinking again’ Donald x



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