“OMG – We’re not gonna make it!!”


That’s the ‘pg’ version, lol but my exact thoughts, half way to Edinburgh last Saturday – cue panic and stress.


I’ll explain all about that in a second but firstly, let me set the scene.


In March this year, I was super excited to find out I’d won the Scotland Prestige Awards ‘Personal Training Specialist of the Year 2020/21’.


The Prestige Awards recognise small & medium sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12months.


It was quite an in depth process with various aspects of each business taken into consideration from service excellence, quality of the service/product provided, innovative practices, value as well as consistency in performance.


Any award is amazing to win but given these 12months were peak pandemic – winning this award really does mean alot!


Between learning at lightening speed how to adapt my business, support my clients/members, keep my family safe, look after 2 Bosses as well as endure an incredibly tough time physically & mentally with my foot injury.


There were no ‘days off’, it was extremely challenging (as I’m sure it was for many) and a time I’ll never forget.


In order to celebrate the award, last Saturday, the Prestige Awards were holding a presentation day.


Me, my Mum and 3 members of Team LDPT (Babs, Mo & Alana) were headed to the Norton House Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh to be presented with a trophy, certificate and get some pictures taken.


We had a set time of 3.05pm.


The plan was to leave just before 11am, check into our apartment about 1pm, get a taxi to the hotel around 2pm and be there in plenty of time.


It was at 1pm when we were still on the road and still an hour away from Edinburgh that we knew we’d f*cked up.


HOW did we get it so wrong?

“OMG – we’re not gonna make it!”


The question of ‘to fake lash or not to fake lash’ very quickly became, sh*t….there’s no time for lashes.


I think we’re going to have to do our make up and get changed in the car!!


Pretty far from ideal and definitely not the plan but hey, there was nothing we could do but roll with it.


What happened after that moment and just before we rocked up on the red carpet at the hotel door all glammed up, only 5mins behind schedule was nothing short of team work at it’s best and a miracle, lol.


If there was an award for who can find a car parking space in the middle of ridiculously busy intersection and one way roads, unload a packed vehicle, haul cases and bags up 2 flights of stairs, apply make up, do hair and dress to impress whilst sipping on a cheeky glass of bubbles in the fasted possible time – we would get it!!


Naturally, I apologised for being late to which I was told:


“No problem at all, we’re about 25mins behind schedule for the pictures so just head inside and enjoy the free bar”.


Hallelujah – we’d made it aaaand they had Grey Goose! : )


If you’d like to see some more pics, just head over to my Facebook or Instagram.


Moral of the Story:


1. Plan A doesn’t always go according to plan but that doesn’t mean you should give up – adapt and go to Plan B.


2. Never underestimate the power of working as a team.


3. Don’t stress about what you can’t control, focus on what you can.


4. A free bar is dangerous.


Who knew when I started my business with one kettlebell and one client from my Mum’s living room that it would bring me on such an incredible journey.


From conquering a 15 year eating disorder, battling depression, alcohol and various other issues hopefully I can help motivate and inspire you to know it’s never too late to turn your life around!


I’d just like to say massive thank you to my family for their unconditional support.


To all the AMAZING women I have the privilege of training and helping change their lives.


To all those who take the time to open my emails.


To those who interact and get involved in my social media posts.


Having a support network is always so important for whatever you choose to do.


It really is my passion to help others so if you need a hand getting back on track and in shape this September.


To feel stronger, fitter, healthier and happier without having to diet or join a gym.


This ‘Personal Training Specialist of the Year’ would love to help : )


Check out the different ways I can do this on my website , simply comment on this blog or come find me on social media and we can get started.

Lee ‘still buzzing from the weekend’ Donald x



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