Happy Easter Monday!


Go on….hands up if you consumed a LARGER amount of calories than usual this weekend.


Yup, confession time – mine’s up (I’m human).


Copious amounts of alcohol, Lindt bunnies, chocolate orange mini eggs, Reece’s pieces mini eggs, jelly babies and the rest….sooo good.


However, this is not my usual w/e habits and only ONE thing for it.


Sort my sh*t out, get back on that fitness wagon and don’t waste a single second feeling guilty for something I can’t change.


It’s happened, right?


Nobody ever dropped a dress size from eating healthy one weekend just like nobody ever got fat from indulging one weekend.


Consistency is key, Easter happens once a year and today is a NEW day.


So my best advice is to get back on it, stop feeling guilty and start chasing your goals again.


Here’s 8 quick & simple tips to help you do that.


1. Don’t stress or beat yourself up about what’s happened.


You can’t change it and dwelling on it will only make you miserable.


Put your energy and focus into the things you CAN control.


2. You’re in the driver’s seat


The level of your success is dependent on the EFFORT you’re willing to put in.


And the effort you’re willing to put in is entirely up to you.


If you’re serious about losing weight, getting fitter, feeling more confident or whatever your goals are – stop believing your excuses and start taking action.


Small, manageable changes is where it’s at.


3. Plan for success


Achieving your goals will never happen by chance.


Make a plan and stick to it.


If it’s written down, it’s MUCH more likely to happen and get done.


This will also help you on the days you don’t feel like it – keep backing your chat.


Fall off plan? – Read no.1 & 2 again.


4. Hit up that water/juice


Aim for at least 2 litres daily but if you’re nowhere near that just try to consume a little more each day till you get there.


Curbs cravings, gives you more energy, flushes out toxins and helps you simply look and feel better.


5. Calorie deficit for the win


Whether it’s your jelly belly, bingo wings or muffin top.


The only way to lose weight = calorie deficit.

The only way to target problem areas = calorie deficit


Unsure of how many calories to aim for?


Use my FREE calorie calculator


An easy way to track your calories is to use MyFitnessPal (free app to download) but if you’re not a fan just use abit of common sense.


Don’t eat like a twat.


3 meals and 2-3 snacks would be a good guideline for many.


6. Pump in the protein & veg


A big reason many of us overeat is simply because we’re not full and therefore experience more cravings.


Protein helps to keep us FULLER for longer and amazing the difference you’ll notice when your protein levels are on point.


Doing a quick Google search of high protein snacks, meals, etc can be really useful.


Adding veg to the mix means you’ll also increase your fibre and be able to enjoy a bigger plate with LESS calories.


7. Get your butt moving


Burning calories doesn’t just happen when we work out.


EVERYTHING you do throughout the day counts.


This is known as your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis).


Even if you don’t get a workout in – get moving and aim for 7k+ steps daily.


8. Surround yourself with like minded people for motivation & support


Incase you missed it…


All my fitness classes are currently only £6!!


Check them out



No gym or membership required.


They’re exclusively women only and specifically designed for fatloss, building strength, improving overall fitness (and FUN!).


We have a Private Facebook Group where we all hang out and support each other.


A BodyMax Network email list for regular class updates and extra motivation.


3 exciting, annual social events (Easter, Summer, Christmas).


Opportunities to win free classes every single week, raffles plus loads more.


There’s also a lovely bunch of women all different ages, sizes, levels and abilities who attend so don’t worry if you don’t feel fit enough, that’s the whole point – to help you build on your fitness levels.


These really are fantastic if you’d like extra support and motivation in person to help you lose weight, get fitter and feel happier in yourself.


But hey,


Whether you choose to come along or not.


Whether you implement the tips I gave you today or not.


It’s always a choice.


And yeah, it’s tough love but:


Nobody is going to come ‘save’ you.


Nobody is going to wave a ‘magic motivation stick’.


And sadly nobody cares how confident you feel or whether you fit in your Summer wardrobe.


Your health & happiness is 100% your responsibility.


If you’re ready for change, the EXCITING part is that you only need to make small changes, one day at a time.


Get started now and by this time tomorrow?

– You’ll feel better than you do today.


By this time next week?

– You’ll notice your motivation getting stronger.


By this time next month?

– You’ll notice your motivation, mind AND body getting stronger.


By this time next Easter?

– You’ll be the best possible version of you.


Stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, more energy, more motivated, more positive, more in control.


Lee ‘back on it like a Boss’ Donald x



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