Aaaaaaand we’re OFF!!


After some much needed time off, it….feels…AWESOME to be back.


Christmas has GONE.

New Year….GONE.


And with 2023 firmly under your feet, whatever your goals are this year.


It’s time to start taking ACTION and making them happen.


Infact that’s exactly what my # this year is all about.


It’s served me extremely well the last few years so I’m sticking with it for 2024.




Meaning – Do everything you say you’re going to do.



Back your chat about losing weight, exercising more, eating less crap, feeling happier in your body….whatever your goals are, with ACTION to make them happen.


Instead of, let’s be honest – chatting sh*t, putting in a half assed effort, expecting things to magically change then giving up because they don’t.


IMAGINE where you would be, how you would feel, what you would look like and what your life would be like if you did what you said you would.


If you want to make this year different.


You have to DO something different.


✅ Start small.

✅ Be consistent.

✅ Be patient.

✅ Get results.

✅ Repeat.


Here’s some great places to start.


1️⃣ Track Your Calories


What gets measured – gets managed.


You don’t HAVE to track you calories, however the simplest and fastest way to guarantee yourself results is to know exactly what you’re consuming.


It’ll also give you some extra accountability, motivation and most importantly knowledge to make better food choices.


Download MyFitnessPal, start tracking (even for 1-2 weeks) and thank yourself later.


Not sure how many calories you need to achieve your goals?


Use my FREE Calorie Calculator


Pro Tip:

Focus on your calories and protein only (don’t worry about carbs/fat)


Do not connect your fitbit/garmin with exercise to the app.



For more support, important tips and help with this, see No.6 below!!


2️⃣ Drink 2 Litres of Water Daily


Essential for more energy, less cravings, less bloating, better skin and basically every function of your body.


Hydrating sufficiently after all those Proseccos and Gin’s will instantly make you feel better.


Andy hey, if you’re like me and not a fan of water – hit up some no added sugar Vimto.


3️⃣ Get Your Butt Moving


Whether it’s a workout, walk or run – just move.


Aiming for around 7k+ steps minimum is a great goal.


Working out 2-3x per week is also a good idea.


But if you currently take around 3k step and don’t workout – just try to increase a little day by day.


4️⃣ Cut Down The Excess Crap (sugary food + alcohol)


Give your immune system, energy, waistline and liver a chance to recover and get back on an even keel.


You don’t need to eliminate it – moderation is key.


5️⃣ Pump in The Veg & Protein


Give your body all those vitamins, minerals and ‘healthy stuff’ you’ve been depriving it of and keep fuller for longer while fighting those cravings.


6️⃣ Join my MAX Experience January Challenge


Super simple and the PERFECT challenge to get yourself back on track after Christmas.


You’re not magically going to reach your end goal in ONE month – let’s be real.


However, you will certain see and feel changes and be moving in the right direction!!


I’ll arm you with knowledge, give you all the support and motivation you need to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, eat better, stress less and have more energy by making small changes from the comfort of your own home.


It kicked off TODAY so if you’re serious about making 2024 a year you actually feel healthier and happier in yourself.


If you want to start looking & feeling better in yourself NOW by taking action.


1. Simply tap here


2. Choose to pay weekly/monthly (cancel anytime)

= 65p a day!!!


3. Prepare to get amazing results without having to diet or join a gym!!


I’ll show you the ‘secrets’ of how to lose weight but more importantly, how to keep it off and make the process enjoyable and affordable!


If you’d like to know how you can trade ONE takeaway for lifelong results.


Hit that link above and let’s get started.


If you’re not interested – cool, no worries.


Hope you found the other tips useful.


I’ll still be here for you helping you every way I can to back your chat and succeed : )


Lee ‘buzzing to be back in the office’ Donald x



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