With Winter on our doorsteps and Christmas around the corner.


It’s a BUSY old time.


It’s can also be pretty DEPRESSING when the dark, rainy days kick in.


So today,


I just wanted to help make your life a little EASIER, your mood better and give you a couple cheeky ‘Winter Warmers’.


As promised on Monday,


It’s also going to help with Step 1 of your super simple ‘3 Step Plan’ to keep your waistline, energy and confidence in check this festive season.


If you missed it, check it out:



Time to ROCK that festive frock this season aaand save lots of precious time!


From me to you, here are:


Not one but TWO mood boosting, body sculpting MAX Experience workouts you can do anytime anywhere.


Equipment – Nada

Time – 10mins


Workout 1 – Full Body Fat Blast (low impact)


Don’t be fooled by the ‘low impact’


– this is a serious calorie killer!


And don’t worry if you don’t keep up with me


– the aim is to go your own pace and gradually build up.



Workout 2 – Cardio Abs (Oooft)



These are exclusive tasters from my award winning online health, fitness & nutrition hub – The MAX Experience.


If you’re a woman who’d like to lose weight, get in shape and kick start 2020 as stress free, easy and enjoyable as possible without having to join a gym.


Stay tuned to Monday’s blog!


I’ve got a super dooper, exciting MAX Experience opportunity coming your way.​​​​​​​


Lee ‘loves giving gifts’ Donald x



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