If someone asked you to strut your stuff in your beachwear RIGHT NOW


– How would you feel?


That’s us…


Officially 5 months into the year, warmer weather settling in and Summer months on the way.


Now’s usually the time people start to THINK about their Summer holidays and their beachbody’s but don’t do much about.


June arrives, you start exercising a LITTLE more, perhaps trying to eat a LITTLE better but you’re not very serious about it.


There’s plenty of time right? – WRONG


Before you know it July’s landed, your holiday’s 2 weeks away, reality’s hit you’re nowhere NEAR looking/feeling how you wanted to and you’ve nothing to wear you feel comfortable in.


– Cue crazy dieting and panic.


Be honest.


Who’s been there?


Feels pretty sh*tty doesn’t it, so imagine…


A life where you NEVER have to stress or panic about revealing your beachbody again.


Good News:
That life can be yours if you start making small changes and doing something about it TODAY!


The sooner you start making changes, the SOONER you’ll have that life.


I’m not talking about an entire food, exercise and lifestyle overhaul ALL at once – I mean start small.


Infact I’ve got a SMALL, simple tip you can start using today that will make a HUGE difference to getting the body and confidence you want.


So here’s a question to think about:



What kind of beverages do you like to drink?


My nephew picked up a Frijj the other day (see top left pic) and being the standard PT auntie that I am – I had a wee looky at the food label.


Over 60 grams of sugar (471ml)!!


Granted this is a fudge milkshake and obviously going to have alot of sugar in it but are you surprised HOW much?


So what about the ‘HEALTHY’ drinks in the pic?

Glad you asked.


52 grams of sugar in one of the Naked bottles (750ml).

175.95 grams of sugar in one of the Innocent bottles (1.35L).


‘But it says it’s healthy, Innocent, superfood, antioxident, never from concentrate, veggie blend’


Sooo many people get fooled by this but newsflash.


Clever marketing companies are PAID to fool you.


It’s their job to make MONEY and get you to buy their product.


They don’t care if it makes you OBESE and SICK as long as they’re lining their pockets.


This ‘healthy’ stuff will do 3 things:


1. Send your CRAVINGS into overdrive.


2. Spike your insulin levels to their peak PREVENTING any fatloss .


3. Add a good few inches to your WAISTLINE while putting a dent in your wallet.


Yuuuup stuff like this can be summed up in 2 simple words….




Beachbody Tip of The Day


Don’t DRINK your calories.


Achieving the body you want is never easy but this is one of the SIMPLEST ways you can cut calories and help make it happen.


Beachbody Tip of the Day No.2


ALWAYS read your food labels.


Make sure you look at what’s in the WHOLE bottle/can/packet, not just 100ml/100grams.


Next time you go to grab an OJ or other drink that’s not water, have a little look at the food label – you may just be surprised.


And when you are (clever marketing is EVERYWHERE)…


Facebook me, tweet me and send me a pic of something you ‘thought’ was super healthy but infact is a belly bulging ‘SUGAR BOMB’.


And I’ll share it around my social media.


Let’s help people WIN the battle of the bulge.


Strut their beachbodys on holiday with their head held HIGH.


And do our ‘bit’ to stop big, rich companies making money of other people’s UNHAPPINESS!!


Lee ‘food label addict’ Donald x



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