Go on.


Hands up!!


Ever sneakily eaten a WHOLE packet of biscuits to yourself?


Ever demolished a FAMILY SIZE bag of Haribo without sharing with the family?


Ever opened a resealable bag of Maltesers only to have NO NEED to reseal it?


Yup you probably felt as ‘clever’ as I did after but sometimes…
Sh*t happens and when cravings sneak into your brain you just CAN’T think of anything else but DEVOURING all that sugary sweet stuff.


But rather than dwelling over it.


Here’s 8 top tips to PREVENT those sugar cravings / food binges from happening again.


1. Drink First.


Dehydration will send your hunger and cravings into OVERDRIVE.


Aim for at least 2 litres of water a day.


2. Do a HIIT Workout.


A quick 10 min workout will pump your body and brain with HAPPY hormones.


Having those natural FEEL GOOD chemicals flowing around your body will instantly help you KICK that craving.


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THIS is exactly the type of workout I’m talking about.


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3. Eat More Vegetables.


Load up on your veggies as much as possible and at EVERY meal if you can.


Veggies are FILLING & are amazing sources of fibre.


They’ll suppress your hunger and keep you SATISFIED for longer.


4. Don’t Overly Restrict Yourself


Going all or nothing and telling yourself you’re not allowed ANY sugary stuff is setting yourself up to fail.


Eating well 80% of the time and giving yourself 20% to indulge in things a little less healthy will not only keep your sane but also PREVENT big sugar binges.


5. De-Stress.


Stress plays a MASSIVE role in your cravings.


Make sure you MAKE time for yourself (even if it’s just 5mins) to relax and breathe.


This is an awesome, short, yet super POWERFUL video about stress:


She really makes a point about stress…

She really makes a point about stress…

Posted by Female Health Motivation on Tuesday, 10 May 2016


6. Sleep.


Lack of sleep will send your cravings SKY HIGH.


As a mum with a 1 year old, I can personally confirm this is 100% true, lol.


Go to bed by 10/10.30pm & sleep in a bat cave switching of all infra-red lights on TV’s and your phone on silent.


7. Think Forward


Think about how you’re going to FEEL after shovelling all that sugary stuff into your mouth.


From feeling bloated, tired, sick, how your belly will look, etc.


You may just find VISUALISING this in your mind enough stop you.


8. DO THIS!!



​Have an fantastic week.


Lee ‘binge buster’ Donald x



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