Left pic – Me and my sis quite a few years ago.


Right pic – Me on Monday getting back on it after Crimbo.


Yeah I used to be a little bit ‘fluffier’.


But I changed….and so can YOU : )


With running a busy business by myself and having a 2 year old daughter working out for 20-30 mins a day really is a lifesaver.


I also really like my food and I still eat….ALOT, lol but I now know how to make better food choices that allow me to do so.


No pills, crazy diets, fancy shakes – just KNOWLEDGE.


And that’s what I’m passing on to all the lovely women in The MAX Experience.


How to continue to eat chocolate, drink wine and enjoy life but also get to where you want to be and feel happier in yourself.


No gym required.


I’ll be closing The MAX Experience doors tomorrow @ 10pm.


After that you’ll have to wait till April.


It’s EXCITING to think how you could look and feel by then.


But hey, you don’t have to jump onboard and you’re also under no obligation to change.


However, if you’re fed up of struggling, going on fad diets and feeling crap about yourself.


I’d LOVE to help you.


Click the link below for more info and to sign up:



Lee ‘changed and never looked back’ Donald x



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