I hope you had a great w/e.


Are you feeling festive yet?


I know LOTS of people have been busy putting up their trees and decorations up which is always fun.


Gutted we’re not getting our tree till this w/e BUT…


My family and I still went to Crathes and enjoyed some festive fun.




14 more sleeps and BOOM it’s Turkey time.


With temptation all around…


It’s so easy to see your waistline get BIGGER, wobbly bits get wobblier, energy go down and confidence plummet.


And I’d love to help you feel SEXY this holiday season so.


Here’s my top 4 festive flab fighting tips:


​​1. Get Buffet Savvy


* Hit the buffet ONCE and load up on protein and veg first.


* Don’t stand/sit beside the buffet or food.
– you’ll be MUCH more likely to pick and munch.


* Have something small to eat before you go so you’re not piling up the food due to your OVER hungry, empty stomach.



2. Get Clever Eating Out


* Have soup for a starter, it’s usually a healthier option and will FILL you up more so you eat LESS.


* Stay away from fried / battered / creamy foods = HIGH calories + fat.


* SWITCH your chips for a couple boiled potatoes or better still – salad or extra veg.


* Any dressing or sauce? – Ask for it on the SIDE.


* Look for meat or fish options instead of pasta or pizza.


*If you must have a pudding – SHARING caring and your waistline will thank you for it.



3. Enjoying A Festive Tipple


* Have a glass of water in between each drink.


– you’ll consume LESS and keep hydrated.


* Opt to start drinking as LATE as possible.


This is such a simple way to almost HALF your calories.


* * Try switching to vodka, fresh lime and sparkling water (approx 97 cals a drink), perhaps champers (approx 85 cals) or light spirits with diet drinks (as above).


* Limit your drinking to once/twice a week MAXIMUM.


* AVOID drinking alcohol if you’re out for a big meal. ​


Lots of food + alcohol = fantastic way to increase that festive flab!


* Alternatively offer to be designated driver so you’re cutting out ALL those belly bloating excess empty calories altogether.


4. Get excited for The MAX Experience


Ok so you may have missed the chance to Pre-Register last week.


– All places SOLD OUT before closing time!




I just want you to know you don’t need to STRESS.


Even if you fail to fight that festive flab in 2017.


I’ve got you covered for 2018.


The MAX Experience doors will open for the FIRST time in 2018 on Mon 15th January.


​​​​​​​As always places will be limited but I’ll keep you updated so you don’t miss out again.


In the meantime just be mindful of these tips and try make the BEST choices you can : )


Lee ‘waiting patiently to put up her tree’ Donald x



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