We’re almost at the end of the month!


Are you getting closer to where you want to be?

How’s everything working out for you?


One of the SADDEST things about fitness is the amount of people who GIVE UP before reaching their goals.


These are people who just simply STOP trying.


I read somewhere that less than 10% of the people who purchase a fitness program ever complete it.

Over 50% of the people that begin the fitness program quit WITHIN the first 3 weeks.


These numbers may vary slightly, depending on what studies you read but it’s safe to say that the percentage of people that QUIT any fitness program is scarily HIGH!


So WHY do so many people fail to hit their goals and WHAT can be done about it?


1. Lack Of Time.


With work, family and other time commitments, people have LESS time than ever to exercise.




Find a program / activity that’s not time consuming.


All my personal workouts range between 20 – 30 minutes.


Fitness is INTENSITY dependent not TIME dependent, so if you’re short on time, simply crank up that intensity.


It’s sooo much easier to motivate yourself when you know your workout won’t take long.


Need Help? – Here’s one I made earlier : )


Equipment: Nada

Time: 10-20mins



2. No Support & Motivation.

Motivation’s easy when you BEGIN but when things get a little tough, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals.




Get a workout partner or join a club / fitness class.


Having someone else or a group to workout with keeps you ACCOUNTABLE and can also be more FUN.


If you enjoy it – you’ll stick at it!!


If you want extra support, motivation, a FUN way of getting results and you live in Aberdeen.


I can help with that too.


Check it out


3. Boredom.


Doing the SAME things over and over again gets boring VERY quickly and trying to stick to a boring program becomes impossible to do.




Switch it Up.


If you already have a physical activity that you LOVE to do, great – keep doing it!


But if you’re like me and get bored pretty easily, you need to switch things up.


Mix up your workouts from swimming, running, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, weight training, interval training, fitness classes or


Simply Youtube a couple of NEW exercises to throw into your current workout, you get my drift.


Keep things FRESH.


4. Doing Too Much Too Soon (yuup that old chesnut).


Possibly the most COMMON mistake people make when they begin any fitness program.




Take it ONE step at a time.


When you begin ANY physical activity for the 1st time, pace yourself to see how your body reacts.


Give your body a few days (maybe even a week) depending on your shape and ability to recover to get used to that certain activity.


This way you can PROGRESSIVELY start to give more effort and really reap the benefits of the activity without feeling burnt out or unnecessary soreness.


5. Frustrated with Lack Of Results.


We ALL wants results and we want them yesterday.


And when you don’t see any changes in your body, you get discouraged making you second guess whether it’s all WORTH it.







Before you start ANY fitness program, ensure your goals are realistic and in sync with your expectations.


You are NOT going to lose a stone in a week!


If your goal is weightloss a good (realistic) goal is about 1-2 lbs/week.


If you have a REALISTIC goal in mind, you’ll avoid setting yourself up for disappointment and prevent you from wanting to give up.


If you’re NOT reaching your fitness goals because you have a hard time finishing what you started…


Try following these 5 simple solutions and give yourself a chance to realize just what you CAN achieve!


Lee ‘never gives up’ Donald x




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