I know I’m breaking the norm blogging more this week but I also know life get’s busy, people forget and I just didn’t want to you to miss out.


So here’s a last little reminder.


Pre-Registration to The MAX Experience closes tomorrow @ 7pm and there’s only 2 places left!


If you’d like a stress free fatloss plan in place for January knowing you’ll have ALL the support and motivation you need to get back on track.


And get your 1st month for HALF PRICE!


Pre-Register Here:



Not quite convinced yet?


Here’s 12 ways The MAX Experience will change your life.


1. Get Amazing Results From Home


No heading out in cold, wet, Wintery days.


No extra time needed to commute to the gym.


No intimidation, people judging, staring at you or feeling self conscious.


2. Make Your Workouts Fit Your Busy Schedule


Each workout is only 10mins.


Whether you have time for 10, 20 or 30mins.


Even the busiest of people can feel healthier, happier and get RESULTS.


3. Never Workout For Longer Than 30mins


Experience training SMARTER not longer.


4. Never Diet Again


From educational videos, weekly tips, recipes to meal plan ideas you’ll be armed with KNOWLEDGE.


Take control, make better food choices and find the balance, allowing you eat anything you like and still experience life long results.


5. Weekly Check Ins & Monthly Team Reviews For Accountability


Accountability is one of the KEY components of success!!


6. Be Part of A Fantastic Group of Like-Minded Women


When women support other women – amazing things happen.


From sharing each others struggles to celebrating each other’s success the support of The MAX Experience group is PRICELESS.


7. Unlimited Access To Me Personally


This is ree-diculous value for money.


8. Start 2019 Happier & Less Stressed


Forget that post Christmas panic and stressing about how to get back on track.


9. Never Get Bored


We have an awesome selection of workout videos.


NEW content is also added monthly.


10. Change Your Life For Less Than A Pizza


At only £19.99 a month The MAX Experience has been called a ‘no brainer’.


Pre-Register and get your 1st month for only £9.99.


11. No Contract, No Small Print, No Fuss


Cancel ANY time.


12. Transform Into ‘Wonder Women’


Ok so I lied.


It won’t actually turn you into Wonder Women but…


You’ll definitely FEEL like a sexy, confident and powerful superhero : )


Just hit the link below and we’ll get kickstarted in January!




Lee ‘preparing to close the doors’ Donald x



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