How did your 1st week of 2016 go?


How are your goals working out for you?


Perhaps you’re SMASHING it, on a roll and already seeing/feeling the BENEFITS of the positive changes you’ve been making.


If that’s YOU – awesome, keep up the good work!!


If you’re struggling, feeling like a STRESS ball and not making much progress, carry on reading ’cause I have a solution.


*CLEARING up after the festive period.


*Going BACK to work.


*Trying to FIT into your clothes after overindulging.


*Getting the kids READY for school.


*Doing ALL the food shopping, cooking, cleaning.


*Getting HIT with that reality stick.


*Panicking about what you SHOULD / SHOULDN’T be doing because it’s January and we’re all meant to making changes right?


It can get pretty stressful and OVERWHELMING to say the least!!




There’s something you can do TODAY which will immediately ALLEVIATE your stress levels,


Momentarily make you FORGET about your never ending ‘to do’ list,


Make your clothes FEEL good,


Make YOU feel good and replace your scowl with a smile.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this 100%, FULL proof, magical stress buster is called…..EXERCISE.


Free, easy to use and readily available.


Exercise is one of the most underutilized anti-stress and anti-depressants out there.


Never underestimate what the POWER of exercise can do.


Don’t believe me?


I challenge you to take a 5 min walk outside, bust out a short 10min workout or do ANY kind of physical activity and honestly tell me you DON’T feel better after it.


Having ONE workout won’t instantly make you ‘thin’ or de-stress you FOREVER but…


Adding REGULAR exercise to your week and lifestyle is a sure fire way of CRUSHING your stress levels and seriously BOOSTING your feel good hormones.


Not to mention give you a BANGING body, CRANK up your confidence and IMPROVE your health & fitness – Ehhh yes please!!


If you need a little help, it may not be free but at only 65p a day, it’s pretty dam close…


Check out The MAX Experience



And hey,

Here’s a 1min video with a little motivation and SECRET to hitting your goals.


Forget the BEST workouts, nutrition plans, cook books, fancy gym equipment, clothing, celebrity Guru’s – it ALL comes down to THIS…

Lee ‘ready for my daily stress relief’ Donald x



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