Happy 1st of Feb!!


I hope you had a great weekend.


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Today I just wanted to tell you something that made me smile so much last Friday, I had to share it.


We have a ‘Check In’ every Friday inside The MAX Experience and after just 3 weeks.


Five members alone have lost 33lbs and dropped over 30inches!!


More importantly,


They have more energy, more confidence, feel less stressed and are much happier in themselves.


Meet one of my fabulous MAX Members and Mum of two, who was happy to share her story to hopefully help inspire others but not her name just yet.



‘I’m down 10.2lbs since Jan 4th, 2inches from my waist and 3 from my tummy, hips, arms, and legs all down as well.


Progress pictures are showing me there’s changes.


Clothes are fitting…not loose yet haha, was at max capacity start of the month so maybe enter into the too loose category next update!’


And there’s more…


Meet Alena


Meet Felicity


Meet Sandra


‘Wow – HOW did they do it Lee?’


I taught them 4 areas to focus on and made this into a challenge.


We focused on 1 area each week and before we even reached the end of the challenge BOOM they’d already made incredible progress.


No diet, no crazy exercise.


Just results from making small, manageable changes on daily basis and having the right kind of support.


And here’s the REALLY exciting part!!


By the end of February, you can be just like these fabulous women.


Looking better, feeling better, having something positive to focus on and making 2021 a year you’re proud of.


‘That’s just what I need right now Lee – how do I sign up?’


Click here and let’s take on Feel Good February together


Lee ‘helping women become healthier & happier – even in lockdown’ Donald x



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