Today, I just wanted to answer a question I get asked ALL the time.


‘How Can I Lose Weight & Tone up?’


The biggest part of this is 100% nutrition.


If you want to look ‘toned’ = see definition/muscle.


You need to drop bodyfat and build muscle


The only way to drop bodyfat is a CALORIE DEFICIT.


The only way to build muscle is EXERCISE.


Different types of exercise will be more efficient than others however,


Without a doubt, the best and most effective way to burn fat, lose weight & tone up is to incorporate some weight training 2-3 x per week.


Whether it’s dumbells, kettlebells or a barbell.


Or if you don’t have any of those, something like washing detergent bottles or a weighted rucksack – get creative and use whatever you have.


Just pick up some weights.


But I get it,


Many women are scared of using weights.


Reason No: 1


They’re not sure what to do with them.


My suggestion:


Invest in some PT sessions, check out YouTube, follow trusted fitness people on social media.


Or simply join The MAX Experience for loads of quick and effective pre-recorded workouts similar to the one below as well as live workouts.


You’ll also gain access to tasty recipes, videos to help with nutrition, a private Facebook group, weekly check ins, extra support, motivation.


And everything you need to look & feel your best.


Sounds great Lee, tell me more!


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Reason No.2:


They think it will make them big & bulky.


Over consuming too many calories will make you big and bulky!!


Women have to work pretty hard to build muscle via strength training + sufficient calories/protein.


You will not automatically grow big muscles from picking up weights.




✅ Weight training on a weekly basis will help your bones, muscles & joints grow significantly stronger.


✅ Decrease your risk of osteoporosis.


✅ Decrease your risk of heart disease.


✅ Prevent injuries.


✅ Set your calorie burnage on fire.


✅ Seriously change your body composition ie look more ‘toned’.


Plus so much more!!


Whether you add a weight to your squats, lunges, or start playing with some kettlebells or any other type of weight.


There’s so much to choose from.


Check out Supermarkets, Argos & Amazon for some bargains.


Aaand just because I genuinely want you to succeed and LOVE helping you.


Check out this awesome 10min, low impact, high intensity, body sculpting weighted workout you can do from home.


Grab your trainers, dumbells (or water bottles) press play and follow me : )


It’s an oldie but a goodie!!




If you enjoy workouts that help you spend less time getting better results.


If your goals this year are to get stronger, fitter and feel more comfortable in your clothes.


If you’d like to have more energy, more confidence and feel happier looking at that person in the mirror.


Join me and an AMAZING community of women who are all aiming for the same goals and supporting each other every step of the way.


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No gym, no diet, no contract – just results.


Lee ‘loves lifting weights’ Donald x



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