It….is….THAT time of year.


Yuup the kids are off school and parent or not, it’s HOLIDAY time for many.


Unfortunately it’s also a time where things can go a bit ‘Pete Tong’.


For some reason so many people use their holidays as an excuse and ‘green light’ to eat and drink EVERYTHING in sight.


‘It’s OK, I’m on holiday, right?’


Waistlines start expanding, scales go up, clothes feel tighter, confidence takes a dent and fitness…..well there just isn’t any.


What’s really sad is usually usually people work hard before they go on holiday to look good and feel good yet UNDO all of that hard work in just 1-2 weeks.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to pee on anyone’s bonfire or ruin their ‘good time’ buuut there’s a little thing called BALANCE.


And this my friend is what can help you stay on track AND enjoy yourself at the same time.


Here’s my Top 5 Tips:


1. Drink at Least 2 Litres of Water Daily


This will help CURB cravings.


Ensure your body is able BURN fat and function better.


Give you more ENERGY to enjoy your hols and keep you hydrated (especially if you’re hungover).


2. Hitting The Buffet? – Only Hit it Once


There’s no need to have more than 1 plate of food despite of the old ‘well I’ve paid for it’ chesnut.


If you have a pudding perhaps take a little ‘taster’ or even better share one and you’ve instantly HALVED your calories.


Load up on veggies and protein.


Go EASY (you don’t need to eliminate them) on the carbs and try stay away from deep fried, creamy or processed crap.


3. Avoid Alcohol During The Day


This will save you a GAZILLION calories!


Along with switching those BELLY bulging cocktails for something a little ‘lighter’.


Vodka, sparkly water and fresh lime is my personal fave and super refreshing.


Here’s some other ideas from The Fitness chef below.


Staying away from hot chocolates, sugary teas/coffees and fizzy juice will also help fight that unwanted holiday FLAB.



4. Use The Stairs & Get Walking


Yes even if you’re on the 8th floor!


I would always suggest a 10-20 min HIIT workout but I know sometimes the heat can be a killer or it’s just not an option so in that case – simply get those legs moving.


Sitting on a sun lounger or sitting around anywhere doesn’t burn much calories so even if you get up every hour for a 5 mins walk it’s better than NOTHING.


After breakfast, lunch or dinner walks are also great.


And hey,


If DO you fancy a super quick, no gym or equipment required, flab fighting workout.​​​​​​​


Check this out:



Want more?


Click Here:


5. Eat Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & Load up on Protein


Switching any of these for a ‘liquid’ diet will do your waistline NO favours (see Tip 3).


Having protein at each meal will not only help CURB your cravings and keep you fuller for longer making you less likely to mindlessly munch.


It will also help build and repair your muscles from the exercise as mentioned in Tip 4.


These are all super simple and something that EVERYONE is capable of whether you’re on holiday or not.


So instead of giving yourself the ‘green light’ to eat and drink everything in sight just because you’re on holiday.


To come home feeling bloated, tired and stressing about ‘feeling fat’ for the festive season.


Try some of these tips and learn how to have fun and ENJOY yourself without sacrificing your waistline and hard work.​​​​​​​

Lee ‘helping you fight the flab and feel fabulous’ Donald x



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