So here we go…


Week 5 and the LAST week of my FREE ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge.


If you missed what it’s all about, don’t worry because guess what?


There’s a brand, spanking new month coming right up which means…


ANOTHER chance and MORE opportunities to lose weight, get in shape and feel your best.


And if you didn’t get started, here’s opportunity No.1:


Feel Good Feb Challenge:


Back to your last and FINAL goal then:


*** Cut back on the crap ***


Eat Crap = Feel Like Crap


You don’t have to cut it out COMPLETELY.


If you want a bag of crisps, chocolate bar or glass of vino you can have it but in MODERATION.


Instead of stuffing your face mindlessly think DAMAGE LIMITATION.


Here’s a classic example and a bit of fun.


All you have to do is guess the answer correctly.


Can you be the FIRST to do this?​​​​​​​



If you missed this on my social media – let’s get connected.


I revealed the answer yesterday, so head over to my Facebook Page or subscribe to my Youtube Channel (all details below) to see if you got it right!


And more importantly, learn HOW many calories you can save by making simple changes and better choices.


This Friday 3rd March will mark 5 FULL weeks since the ‘Feel Good Feb’ begun.


If you DON’T feel happier in yourself.


If you’re NOT closer to where you want to be.


What have you done with those 5 weeks?


Unfortunately nobody’s going to hand you your dream body, inject you with confidence or magically make hitting your goals EASY.


Only YOU are responsible for your happiness.


So if you’re not 100% happy and would like that to change, it’s seriously time think about the choices your making.


Lee ‘not here to BS you’ Donald x



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