‘For f*cks sake Lee!’


This was my exact thoughts at approximately 11.30am this morning.


But before I get to why, let me ask you 3 quick questions.


1. Ever feel like one thing just goes wrong after another?


2. Like the world is against you sometimes?


3. Like you desperately want to achieve something but it just seems so difficult?


If you’re honest, I suspect you may have answered YES to at least one of these and I totally get it.


Here’s a short little story why I get it, why I said some serious sweary words and how we can both start winning : )


Later on last year (after rocking up to the wrong race on the wrong day by accident) I came 1st and qualified for the OCR European Championships in Poland which is currently only 10 days away.


Day 1 – 5km run with 40 mandatory obstacles.


Day 2 – 15km run with 60 mandatory obstacles.



These obstacles are like ‘Ninja Warrior’ on the TV….on steriods – NUTS!


Cue intense training.


Was going well until I got sick end of January.


Between the flu and numerous sinus infections I spent around 3 months in recovery and simply trying not to lose too much strength.


As I’m sure you can relate – being sick SUCKS.


Hard on the body as well as mental health, especially for 3 months.


I also got diagnosed with Broncho Constriction.


(any time I do vigorous exercise especially in the heat/cold, my air tubes close up so I can’t breathe).


Incurable and the only way I can stop taking my inhalers, steriods and tablets to help me breathe is to stop challenging myself while exercising.


With the doc telling me – ‘you just can’t do the things you want to do’.


Pfft – no brainer for me.


Bring on a lifetime meds and exciting challenges : )


However, moving on…


Back in the game and feeling better I got maybe a couple weeks good training in before the Baby Boss arrived.


Cue insane sleep deprivation for the last 6 weeks! lol.


Despite this, I was doing well…..considering.


Then 2 weeks ago the friggin’ lurgy struck AGAIN.


Forced to skip a couple workouts and do my best.


Just getting better and BOOM last Friday I almost chopped my finger off cleaning….yes cleaning!


Shh I haven’t thought of a better story yet! lol.


Jeezo it was swollen, looked like it belonged to E.T, my nail was black/blue, likely to fall off and was hard to grip anything.


Given most of the obstacles in Poland include swinging, grabbing, lifting and hanging – this was NOT good.


However, sucked it up and got on with things over the w/e.


1st day training with my E.T like finger this morning and was a little worried how it would go.


Mehh it wasn’t great but wasn’t unbearable…..THEN.


Thinking I was progressing like a boss, swinging from my monkey bars with my 8kg training vest on.




Felt a weird sensation in my hands, dropped down and couldn’t believe it.


I’d ripped them open.


‘For f*cks sake Lee!!’


Along with many other words I won’t mention instantly raced through my brain.


Here’s the moment it happened.



So here’s the deal.


I can dwell on everything that’s happened this year.


Feel sorry for myself.


Blame people, situations.


Use it as an excuse to give up.


Allow it to mentally break me down, think negatively and just feel crap.




I can use it ALL as motivation!!


To build a STRONGER mindset than ever before.


Give me an even BIGGER drive to succeed.


To prove the docs wrong, prove to myself I CAN and prove to others that no matter what life throws at you…


If you refuse to give up – you will never be beaten.


So whatever you have going on for you right now.


Whatever challenges, upsets and struggles you may be facing.


Know this.


How we react to the curve balls life throws at us is always a choice.


This may be tough at times to remember but 100% true.


Choose the NEGATIVE path and you’ll never lead a positive life


Choose the POSITIVE path and life can be whatever you want it to be.


Lee ‘a little battered but never broken’ Donald x



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