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Just a quickie.


Not sure if you saw it, but little old me was in the BBC News Scotland today.


You possibly may already know abit about my back story but to some this may come as abit of a shock.


It always feels a little ‘strange’ reading things back in the press about the way life used to be.


It makes me really sad but at the same time incredibly proud of the person I’ve become and most importantly the whole point of sharing my story is to help others who may be struggling.


So when the BBC asked me to take part in this, I knew it was the right thing to do.


And am thankful to BBC Scotland News for helping me share my story and hopefully reach/help those who are struggling to know…


Life can always get better and it’s NEVER too late to turn things around.


Despite 16 years of major struggle I made it out the other side.


For the full article:


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Lee ‘dedicated to helping others’ Donald x



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