Water, council juice, H20, agua, aqua.


Whatever you call it and wherever ever you are in the world.


One thing will ALWAYS remain the same.


Water if life and essential for our bodies to survive and function.


Being properly hydrated will have a MASSIVE impact not only your weightloss but also your energy, mood, concentration and skin.


Water is also a great appetite SUPPRESSANT.


Meaning drinking enough will help keep HUNGER at bay for as long as possible and curb those cravings.


It’s easily accessible, free from a tap and not challenging to consume yet soo many people don’t drink NEARLY enough of it.


As a result,


Suffer from many things such as low energy, headaches and extra cravings.


So how much should I aim for Lee?


A good place to start is at least 2 litres.


This will vary depending on activity levels amongst many other things.


If you’re not like me and not a fan of water.


Press play and check out this quick tip.



How do I know if I’m drinking enough?


If your pee isn’t particularly smelly and pretty clear then congratulations your HYDRATED.


Keep it up.


If not, get reaching for that H2O!!


This is one of what I call the ‘basics’ to focus on.


Something easy to do that = HUGE results from minimal effort.


But I get it, life is busy and sometimes you forget.


Which is why I like to keep losing weight, keep hydrated and everything else for that matter – super simple!


In my online health, fitness & nutrition hub The MAX Experience, we make drinking 2 litres of water daily part of our ‘weekly check ins’.


To help give you motivation and accountability so it simply becomes habit without even thinking.


** We also have over 100 easy to follow home workouts.


** Tasty, family friendly recipes (breakfast/lunch/dinner).


** A private Facebook group with an amazing community of women.


** Unlimited support from me personally.


** And everything you need right at your fingertips to look and feel your best (especially important with the holidays coming up!).


I’ll teach you how to still eat squashies, still enjoy your vino and STILL lose weight.


Aaaand the crazy bit?


It only costs £19.99 p/m.


No contract, no fuss – cancel anytime with the click of a button.


If you’re think investing 65p a day into your health, fitness & happiness is worth it.


You’d be absolutely right!! : )


You’d spend 4x that on a coffee WITHOUT even thinking.


I’d love to help you trade:


That quarter cup of coffee you could buy.


Into bringing your confidence back.


If you’re ready to invest in yourself…


Tap on the link below for more info/to jump onboard:




I’ll be headed to Poland this week for the OCR European Championships.


Eeek they’re finally here!!


If you want a sneaky peak behind the scenes and to follow my crazy journey, just head over to my Facebook/Instagram pages.




Lee ‘Vimto addict’ Donald x



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