Alcohol, squashies, chocolate, crisps….


Hands up – Who over indulged this w/e?


Just incase you wondered YES my hand is up too (shocking I know).


Why, when you have the lurgy do you never want to stuff your face with apples?!!


Anyway, let’s just be honest….it happens.


You get a little carried away.


You guzzle on things you know aren’t ‘goal friendly’.


You gulp down alcohol (aka fat juice) like it’s going out of fashion and before you know it…


*You feel BLOATED.


*You’ve got no ENERGY.


*Your clothes feel TIGHTER.


*You feel less CONFIDENT.


*You can’t be a*sed with WORK.


BOOM cue downward spiral and instant Mondayitis!!


Now don’t get me wrong,


I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy these things but…


If you have a ‘blowout’ EVERY w/e and you’re body, health or happiness is not where you want it to be.


You need break the cycle amigo.


Otherwise you’ll always be that person who takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back.


And hey, today is a new day, new week and perfect opportunity to pull yourself back on that fitness wagon.


To regain control and make sure no matter how fast or slow it may be.


The only way you’re moving is FORWARD!


Even if it’s just a 10min HIIT workout, jump on board and just get it done.


You’ll feel a million times better once you do.


Struggling for ideas?


Not a member of a gym?


Want something quick & simple to do from home?


Just grab your trainers.


Press play and I’ll show you exactly what to do : )



Time make ‘Feel Good Feb’ feel GOOOOOD!!




If you like these kind of short, high intensity home workouts that take little time but get you BIG results.

Then it’s worth checking out The MAX Experience.


There’s an exciting variety and over 100 choose from so you’ll never need to stress about what to do, a gym membership or not having enough time again.


Check it out:


Lee ‘can’t be trusted around squashies’ Donald x



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