Eeeek today is day!!


Trainers swapped for heels, fitness wear for a frock and ready to hit up the red carpet in London for The Inspiration Awards For Women.


I’ll be sipping champers, brushing shoulders with celebs, be in the company of some INCREDIBLE women and eagerly awaiting to hear if I’ve won an award.​​​​​​​



Come connect with me on social media (channels below) to see what I get up to.


But don’t worry,


I’ll fill you in on all the JUICY goss soon.


Right now I just wanted to share some BAD news and GOOD news with you.


The BAD news?


You missed out on my MAX Experience ‘Sizzling Sexy September’ VIP offer.


The GOOD News?


You still have 2 more days to before The MAX Experience doors close.
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** Have more energy and feel less bloated.


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** Kiss goodbye to those muffin tops and bingo wings.


** Lose weight, tone up and fit in that ‘smaller’ wardrobe.


** Make your goals fit around your busy lifestyle and family.


** Have fantastic support and not have to do it alone.


The MAX Experience can definitely help you!!


If you’d like to join me and the rest of the Team…


Make sure you jump onboard before the doors close this Sunday @ midnight.


Otherwise you’ll have to wait till 2018.

Lee ‘not a fan of high heels’ Donald x



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