How’s your week going?


Are you making time for yourself? 

Are you on point with your nutrition & workouts?

Are you ENJOYING the process?


Winter’s has GONE, the need for jackets, big jumpers, loose/baggy clothing and scarves to cover us up….GONE.


With Summer is on it’s way, holidays, beaches, sunshine and the need to wear much less clothing….cue PANIC!!


So what do you do?


Go on the latest fad diet?

Say you’ll never drink alcohol or eat chocolate again?

Tell yourself your going to workout EVERY day?


Yes CHANGE is good but too much change at once is literally setting yourself up to FAIL.


How many times do you do things because you think you SHOULD?


How AMAZING would life be if you actually ENJOYED the things you thought you SHOULD be doing?


Let me break that down for you…


The BEST Diet

One that enjoy, allows you to keep good health and can MAINTAIN for the rest of your life.

If your ‘diet’ has a name (eg the ‘???’ diet) ditch it!


The BEST Workout Program

One that you you enjoy and keeps you interested so you’ll stick at.

Working out should NOT be boring.


If you’re bored or uninterested do something else.


I LOOVE to switch it up and keep things interesting…


If you’re looking for a ‘different’ exercise to work your hamstrings, triceps and core all in one give this a go.




If you fancy something you that will work your FULL body, burn ALOT of calories and get a sweat on – no equipment required…


Check THIS out:


Head over to my Facebook Like page for details on how to begin tackling this badboy.


The BEST Lifestyle

One that you enjoy that keeps you healthy and HAPPY.


See where I’m going here?


There’s enough doom n gloom, misery and negativity going on in the world without making life even harder.


RELIEVE that pressure you’re putting on yourself to change EVERYTHING by tomorrow and focus on one thing at a time.


You’ll find it much EASIER to make changes, LESS daunting & LESS stressful.


And the easier changes are to make, the MORE you’ll make, the BETTER you’ll feel and that motivation ball you’re creating will make you just keep getting BIGGER!


Small changes made on a daily basis = RESULTS!

BIG changes made in a panic = FAIL!


Use TODAY to make ONE small, positive change.

Use TOMORROW to make another…




By the Monday you’ll be 4 steps CLOSER to where you want to be!!


It really is THAT simple.


And I would looooove to hear what changes you’re making.

Give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter and let me know : )


And ladies…

Tomorrow brings one of the most EXCITING ways to workout and make changes happen :


BODYMAX BURN (aka The Friday Fitness Party)


Check it out:​

Lee ‘keepin it fresh’ Donald x



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