It’s never easy getting personal but it’s important so you know I practice what I preach and no matter where you’re at in life.


If you’re unfit, unhealthy or unhappy in any way – I can…and would love to help you.


So here goes:


My name’s Lee.


I used to be overweight.


I used to smoke, drink excessively, suffer from depression, insomnia, popped Prozac like sweeties and had an eating disorder which stole my teenage years and 20’s.


I used to feel self conscious when I was overweight.


Embarrassed when I was underweight.


Used to try hide from pictures, hated clothes shopping and didn’t feel worthy to smile.


Infact, my eating disorder also stole all my top front teeth which took 2 years to re-build.


My self confidence was low, energy low and general excitement for life….low.


Until 12 years ago when I qualified as a Personal Trainer, quit smoking, beat my 15 year eating disorder, took control and found a new passion for life.


And helping others! ❤️


I’m now the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.


Infact, in only 16 weeks time on 31st March 2024:


I’ll begin my journey from ‘rock bottom to the top of the world’ and become the 1st female from Aberdeen (7th from Scotland) to conquer the highest mountain in the world and summit Mount Everest.


It’s been quite the journey already and safe to say I’ve learned a few things along the way.


  • I’ve learned how to workout smarter not longer.
  • How to build a stronger, fitter body from home.
  • How to never feel restricted with food or ever have to diet.
  • How to eat chocolate, drink vodka and still keep in great shape.
  • How to make small, simple changes that = BIG results.
  • How to think more positively and manage my stress levels.
  • How to protect my mental mental health.
  • How to juggle being a parent, running a business yet still improve my health & happiness.
  • How to ENJOY the process.


It’s been a major transformation and every aspect of this, I teach inside The MAX Experience.


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If you’re reading this and already onboard – get excited.


2024 is going to be an incredible year!!


Lee ‘living her best life’ Donald x



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