Happy ‘Bank Holiday’ Monday! (for some).


Whether you’re at work (like me) or not this blog is relevant to EVERYONE who’s ever fallen off the wagon.


Ate too much.


Drank too much.


Feelings of being bloated, tired, sluggish.


Yuuuup we’ll all been there.


But what happens next is by far more important than falling off.


Yes it’s much EASIER to skip your workout, eat crap cause you’re tired and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.


But if you’re fed up of not looking/feeling how you want.


Let’s DO something about it.


If you need a little help then don’t worry, check out my top fatloss survival tips.




1. Don’t get sucked into GIMMICKY fitness products/diets.

A calorie deficit is the ONLY rule to fatloss – nothing needs to be extreme.


Healthy eating and regular exercise wins every time.


2. Don’t try to be anybody else apart from a better version of YOU.


The women in the magazine doesn’t even look like the women in the magazine.


3. Don’t be AFRAID of failure.


The most successful people in the world have made mistakes.


Use them, learn from them and come back STRONGER.




1. Split your goals into ‘BITESIZE’ goals.


They’ll be more manageable and BOOST your motivation each time you achieve them.


2. Write those goals down and hold yourself accountable (tell family, friends, social media)


If it’s written down, it’s much more likely to get done and a little bit of accountability goes a LONG way.


3. Surround yourself with POSITIVE, like-minded people.


Happiness is infectious.


4. Do something EVERY day that takes you out your comfort zone.


If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t CHANGE you.


5. Try things you HAVEN’T tried before.


Variety is king.


6. Write down all the benefits of achieving your goals and make the list VISIBLE.


When it get’s tough, look at the list….it’s ALWAYS worth it!


7. Tell yourself every single day that you CAN.


Removing the word can’t from your vocabulary is highly EMPOWERING.


Here’s a personal story of what happened when a ‘professional’ told me – ‘you can’t’.



8. MAKE time for yourself, family and loved ones.


Being healthy and happy isn’t just about having a great body!


9. Be THANKFUL for every day you get the chance to wake up and live life.


Gratitude attracts happiness and positivity.


10. Put these tips into ACTION : )


Your life won’t get better by chance.


If you want change, you have to create it.


Lee ‘giving you all the tools you need’ Donald x



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