I hope you’re having great week.


If you’re looking for something to do with the kids or just like a challenge.


I’ve got you covered.


Introducing – The Turkish Get Up


One of the BEST full body exercises to test your core, strength and balance.


I’d usually use a heavy kettlebell for this however,


Today I’m using a trainer for abit of FUN.


Your Challenge = Don’t drop the trainer!





1. Lay down, bend leg on same side your hand has the trainer in, knuckles up


2. Roll onto opposite elbow, then hand


3. Lift your hips


4. Pull straight leg back under you into a lunge position


5. Stand up from the lunge




➡️ Try doing it just bodyweight


➡️ Add in a trainer (resting on top of your knuckles)


➡️ Challenge your kids & family




Keep your hand up at 12 o’ clock the whole time.


If you really want to spice things up?


Replace the trainer with a cup of WATER (plastic advisable).


With all the warm weather we’ve been having it’s a great excuse to get outside, get active and have a play.




Here’s the question.


Can make it to your feet then back to the floor?

Lee ‘loves a challenge’ Donald x



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