I hope you had a great w/e.


FIRST week of September, eh – how crazy is that?!


Summer been and gone, holidays over and kids back to school.


Yuuup you can get mad but I’m gonna say it….we’re now on the run up to Christmas!!


If that thought scares you, here’s some good news.


When you look a few months ahead you can PLAN.


When you plan, you’re much more likely to hit your goals and be SUCCESSFUL.


When you’re successful – life literally changes FOREVER.




If you’d like a little help to put a plan of action in place.


To help you get back ON it after the holidays.


To perhaps make happen at those Christmas parties what you didn’t make happen this Summer.


To look sexy, feel fabulous and be a more confident, happier version of YOU.


Here’s a simple step to get you started.


This September, I have a ridiculously good offer up for grabs.


If you’re female.


​​​​​​​Over 16.


Never been to one of my fitness classes before.


Live in or near Aberdeen.


Congratulations – permission to grab : )




Monday 3rd (today) – Friday 31st September


You’re welcome to come along an enjoy any BodyMax Network class for free.




This is NOT something I’ve ever done before but I know what it feels like to need motivation, support and a helping hand.


So, here’s a sneaky peak of what you can expect.



And here’s the finer details (location, cost, times)



✅ No gym
✅ No membership required


* Exclusively women only
* Newcomers only
* Booking required
* Valid for 1 class




Mon to Fri @ 8.30am – 6pm


Made via text to Lee on 07510054788


Quote FREEBIE when booking.




It really is that simple!


Place are always limited at each class and work on a first come first served basis.


If you want to take a BIG, positive step forward today by doing something small and easy.


I’d love to help.


Just drop me a text or get in touch so you don’t miss out.

Lee ‘bringing sexy back’ Donald x



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