How’s your week going?

How’s your mindset any positivity levels?


If you’ve been doing the ‘Mental May’ Challenge, I have NO doubt you’re beginning to re-train your brain and are naturally feeling better in yourself.


Missed it?

Check it out:


Getting AWESOME results from exercise is one thing but to wake up and genuinely feel mentally stronger and happier is something else.


Can you have both?


Absolutely and as promised in Monday’s email, I have a WICKED workout for you.

It’s going to MELT your bodyfat, reveal those sexy abs and FASTRACK your fitness,

Infact,  if you’re a parent, busy professional or just struggle to find the time to workout, it’s going to change the way you exercise FOREVER!

Let me break it down…

Exercise is INTENSITY dependent, not TIME dependent, therefore the harder you work out, the shorter the time you need to spend doing it!


This workout is only 10mins!!


EVERYONE has 10 mins they can take out their day and I’m going to show you how to MAXIMIZE it to get life changing results.

Below are 3 options:

These options vary in INTENSITY and get progressively harder so have a play with it and see how you go.

The idea is that you should be working at your maximum BUT with good form.


Option 1 Beginner:


Work 30secs – Active Rest 30secs (e.g March on spot)

Repeat 10 times.


Option 2 Intermediate:


Work 40secs – Rest 20secs

Repeat 10 times.


Option 3 Advanced:


Work 50secs – Rest 10 secs

Repeat 10 times


Downloading a HIIT, Interval training or Gym boss app on your phone will allow you to punch in the work:rest ratios and count for you.




1. Download training app (if required).

2. Watch Video.

3. Pick option 1,2 or 3.

4. Set aside 10 mIns of your day.

5. Crank those tunes up baby and JUST DO IT!!


Here’s your wicked workout video:



Facebook, tweet me…I’d loooove to hear how you get on : )


Lee ‘producing stronger, sexier, happier people’ Donald x



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