Champers, vino, voddy, chocolate, sweeties….Hands up if you over indulged this w/e.


Just incase you wondered YES my hand is up too (shocking I know).

I was hitting up the bar pretty HARD – I’ll tell you about that in a minute.


But let’s just be honest – it happens.


You get a little carried away, you GUZZLE on things you know aren’t ‘goal friendly’, you GULP down alcohol (aka fat juice) like it’s going out of fashion and before you know it…


*You feel BLOATED.


*You’ve got no ENERGY.


*You’re clothes feel TIGHTER.


*You feel less CONFIDENT.


*You can’t be a*sed with WORK.


BOOM cue downward spiral and instant Mondayitis!!


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy these things in MODERATION but..


If you have a ‘blowout’ EVERY w/e and you’re body, health or happiness is NOT where you want it to be, you need BREAK the cycle amigo.


Otherwise you’ll always be that person who takes 1 step forward and 2 steps BACK.


And hey, today is NEW day, NEW week and perfect opportunity to pull yourself back ON that fitness wagon.


To regain CONTROL and make sure no matter how fast or slow it may be, the ONLY way you’re moving is FORWARD.


Even if it’s just a 10 min HIIT workout, jump on board and just GET IT DONE – you’ll feel a million times better once you do.


If you’re struggling for ideas or missed this, check it out


Time make ‘Feel Good Feb’ feel GOOOOOD!!




Getting back to my little bar story and a few important lesson learned that can DEFINITELY help you too.


Infact, here’s a cheeky wee video of me hitting up the bar – not the bar YOU’RE probably thinking of! lol.


Here’s the story…


We’d done quite a few warm up rounds before this video starting at 20kg going up to 92.5kg.


It was at 92.5kg (my body felt fine) but my confidence, self belief and NEGATIVE thinking started creeping it.


Bear in my, I love fitness and I use heavy weights but I don’t own a squat rack to practice and I definitely don’t go heavy like THIS on my own.


This was actually only the 2nd time I’ve ever squatted like this – 1st time was last year @ 75kgs

(which was already more than my bodyweight!).


92.5kg done, the bar weight was changed so I asked


‘How much is on there?’


I was told ‘enough’, lol and presumed it was 95kg.


If you listen closely, you’ll hear a sweary word as I lift the bar.


After I’d squatted I was told it 100kg!!

(trust me you can feel the difference).


Aaaand a few more sweary words came to mind, lol.


Rich Sennewald is one of the BEST coaches out there and knows exactly what he’s doing.


He KNEW I was capable but obviously sensed a little self doubt.


Yes I can work on my form but you know what?

​I did it and couldn’t be more chuffed!


Goes to show, even though I don’t hit up the squat rack often I can still play with the ‘big boys’ : )



1. NEVER underestimate what you’re capable of.

2. Your biggest enemy can lay between your EARS.

3. Sense of achievement is a POWERFUL motivator.

4. Self doubt is FAR worse than failure.

5. If you never try you’ll NEVER know.

6. I’m stronger than I thought.

7. Don’t always BELIEVE what you’re told, lol.


Lee ‘squatting like it’s hot’ Donald x




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